Link : Dark Link - ConsPlayers

Link : Dark Link - ConsPlayers

Pikminlink was invited as a Cosplay Guest of Honor at the Convention due to the great work from the Convention staff who never gave up on the idea that they would bring her up to the Northern Lands.

It was all great fun getting to speak with her a bit during her time here in Montreal and I am definitely looking forward to crossing paths again!

Hopefully in the near future :)

- Cosplayers -
Link: Pikminlink
Dark Link: (me!)

*Credits *
Picture taken by: Pikminlink's father
Event: Otakuthon 2009
Originally hosted at:

Link & Dark Link
The Legend of Zelda
Dark Link
10 years ago

Vamp-Elanor Awesome! Tu faisais la front page et je me suis dit: Tiens, quelqu'un que je connais! ;) Those costumes rock. There are no words for how much you both rule. So many hours of work... I can only imagine!

KurenaiYuuhi both of you looks great!

cloudwarrior so awesome ^^