Hero's Welcome.

Hero's Welcome.

Myself as Fire Nation Suki from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Photo taken by Amanda [Elemental] at Otakon 2009. Cosplaying Suki has been a dream of mine for nearly two years, and I was finally about to do so this summer! Construction notes can be found at my DeviantART: http://cupcake-rufflebutt.deviantart.com

Avatar: The Last Airbender
10 years ago

Dr. Holocaust Elemental is a great photographer and this is a great cosplay. Well done!

Kapalaka SUKI! You are so cute, you look just like her! ^_^ The costume looks nicely sewn, too.

Akurei What a beautiful Suki! Awesome job!

cloudwarrior awesome Suki cosplay ^^

Cubed_Link you make a truly stunning Suki. This is so impressive. Wonderful job!! :D

CosplayerGabi Well done! Everything looks so cleanly tailored and the colors are excellent.

seely aww... you look great!

ChocoLime I love your costume so much! It's so clean cut and hangs so well on your body!!

jen_weasley wow you make a perfect Suki! great costume =)

Mistress_Aine Those lil things hanging off the bottom of the back of your pants........AMAZING!!!!! Perfection.

GabrielDarkhawk You make a gorgeous Suki! Love the colors and the fabrics! :)

Tomecko That is the perfect pouf on those pants (so many p-words in this sentence)! Great colors, and great styling on the wig, too!