Lost in Never Never

Lost in Never Never
@Scruffy Rebel

There's a few cutey spunky Tink photos I want to upload, but I'm going with this one instead XD

I just really love it and thank you so much Jinto! It was great meeting you, hope you enjoyed us West Coasters :D

Photo by LJinto

Tinker Bell
10 years ago

AlbinoPlant Wow! What a beautiful photo!

Crystalike WHOOOA. I love this! the wings and the dress look fantastic!

vampricyoda Dang fairies *rolls up magazine*

angelkawaii This is very pretty.

Shiya Wind So pretty! I think I saw you too! X3

katrinkleeblatt aaaaw such a cute tinkerbell, and the picture is awsome too^^

pollyxpockett pretty!

Jia Jem Such a lovely composition. You look very lovely~

MisChibiOus this picture is so cute! u look like u can fit in someone's palm XD

Lady Tyrona I'm going to pick you up and put you in my pocket to keep!!! :D

Gloha_h So darling cute!

AFadingDream Love the costume Scruffy! It was great seeing you :D

shattered_song WOOOW! this is s ooo gorgeous ! you look absolutely amazing:)

LKD I just saw all the pics of this shoot on flickr and wow xD I really like the one were you were "flying" x3 You should add it here too

Vani YESSS Oh you are the best Tink ever! (I am totally obsessed with that dress!!) Can I shrink you and keep you at my bedside in a lantern? PLEEEEASE?! I promise I'll feed you good fairy nectar! ;D

OwlDepot This was such an awesome costume to see up close. :) I really loved what you did with the leaves and how they wrapped around your body.

dismaldreary Beautiful!

carladawn waiiiiiiiiiit a sec! Were you the Tink I was talking to at SDCC backstage this last year?! With the cheerleader group???

Narnian Cute Tinkerbell!!!!