Street Fighter II : Dhalsim Floats

Street Fighter II : Dhalsim Floats

Thank you for the showcase!

Dhalsim smiles from his victory as he hovers over the ground in a full-lotus position. ( We got this shot in two tries. The first attempt is also shown in this gallery with a more kinetic blur effect. )

8 years ago

SvK So good.

Dust Bunny This is pretty freaking cool looking! Great Job Capturing the photo!

vampirate Wow, what an amazing shot!

brucer007 Thank you for your positive feedback. I brought a print of this photo to the following days of the Anime Expo. It got quite a lot of impressed reactions. Of course, much of the credit goes to the talented and dedicated cosplayer, KibaB.

SailorGaia I-I have no real words that give this shot enough credit. I'm overcome by the awesome of it! I can't even imagine how this shot was timed and how you managed to capture it before he lost his position and came back down but....I guess that's how you can tell a real professional from an amateur! Thanks for sharing this piece of awesome!

Crystalike NO way. NO NO NO way. This is fantastic!

Jia Jem This photo is epic in every aspect.

shattered_song you are much too kind! :) could i NOT look at your whole gallery when you shoot great shots like this? your photos are so magical! :) i would kill to have a shoot with you! haha:)

Jacky うぉ!すげぇ!ダルシムが浮いてる!!! 凄い写真だ。。。

hell-rider epic!!! the real live action dhalsim

Narga WOW! Genius photo!

MelonPlay congrats to your showcase^^ I'm always impressed by your photos and the cosplayer did a really good job on portraing the character^^

Divine Dragon Kiba is the BEST Dhalsim.

CanisPanthera lol this is a great picture

Zaid Go Brucer Go! Nice job king of action shots.

ShinWHO That is so impressive! To get a clean, composed shot like this without any editing or trickery is amazing.

skinnyAZN Amazing shot and cosplayer. This photo captures the character quite well too!

Neferet_Ichigo OMG!!!! amazing

etaru Haha wow, love it! It must have been a difficult capture, but man you pulled it off!

JadeKat He really looks like he's floating!! I actually looked for something that he was sitting on before realizing it had to be a jump shot! AMAZING~ <3

Lady Saea This photo is pure awesome. Great cosplayer, great pic! Love it!

NiGHTmaren This is amazing! Both the shot and the costume, and just...everything! This could not have been easy to capture.

ShingLang dude.... u are the culmination of EPIC WIN! Ur cosplay looks so accurate! Are you actually bald(by option) or did you shave just for this cosplay??????

IzunaDrop247 I love this photo!

carladawn So very amazing

Snow-Storm this is crazy! this is a great pose !! and a nice job (credit for both , brucer007 & KibaB)

Silent_Hill WOW this is a pretty awesome shot :D

CPU Ooo, very good shot & cosplay.

Nissaerith Great picture!!! :O I remember seeing him at AX...

negativedreamer spot being so awesome.

Kairi-san Totally terrific!!!! Your photos are extremely awesome and I admire your talent in photography ^_^! I hope to encounter you at a convention one day.

Lady Muramasa This shot is awesome, I always love action shots the most! The creepy thing about this picture is the illusion that he is about to send his skulls out toward whoever is in the POV and deliver some special move.

Julia jajajajaa Awesome XD

sting57 awesome shot man! congrats on another showcase!

cherryteagirl5 oh wow! this is so awesome!!

Angelx624 OMG I remember seeing pictures of him!! Truly the best Dhalsim ever!! LOVE this photo!

blackbutterfly that shot is so perfect! REALLY great work!

princemercury1 Too awesome for words. ^_^

kdash87 ahahahah. so great!! equal to dhalsim O__O

pollyxpockett AMAZING :)

Choi Soo cool i love it, awesome job.

KyleMistry Damn! The technical side of me is curious to the kind of camera setup/settings you used to pull this off (flash/ISO/shutter/aperture/etc), but the artistic side of me is just baffled that you managed to no matter the conditions. Damn good stuff.

mokulen22 I am speechless! I am in awe! Wonderful cosplay and pose!

this_chick25 ::wipes tears from both eyes after having shot soda through my nostrils:: ::makes a face that is the equivalent of a "thumbs up"::

† Wolfwood † YOGA!!!!! Epic photo.

ultimaaa This is such a fantastic shot! I love it. :D

Alwayzbored Holy cow! Amazing shot! :D

brucer007 Hmmm...both Showcase photos I did are aerial shot of Street Fighter 2 characters. Thank you for all your comments!

Yumi Miyazaki Gorgeous shot! Amazing timing and perfekt cosplayer makes one of the best cosplay pictures I've seen so far!

Erika Flores happy 2010 amazing job