Brotherhood of Steel Complete 4

Brotherhood of Steel Complete 4
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Fallout 3
Brotherhood of Steel Power Armor
12 years ago

Angeal thats awsome!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Holocaust Dude! This is wicked!You make these yourself?

Geister Really amazing job!!

Nayara Wow, simply awesome!!

R1KKu This is just awesome!

TechieCL Jaw dropping

cow_commander That's incredible? Do you have any plans on making more? Can you make one to sell? I would be very interested in getting one if you do.

kamil0321 AMAZING!!!!!!!!! i am an all-time fan of fallout , u dont know how much i love fallout! i wish i could buy one

alshammari What did you use to make this? It's phenomenal!

Eksile My brother and I are going to A-kon in June of 2012 ive been looking for a long time for costumes like these if the maker of this costume could email me and quote me a price id appreciate it :)