Ping pong ball "Follow-me" type taxidermy-ish eyes. I cut a ping pong ball in half to start. Each half is a seperate eye. I cut each part in half again. The smaller pieces will be the irises so I flipped them over and spray painted them bright yellow. Once dry, I glued them to the other piece so that the eye white is convex but the iris and pupil are concave. Using a brush I added some brown details. I mixed up some 2 part clear resin and poured about 1 oz. into a silicone mold I had previously made of the ball. The eye displaces the resin until it is level to the top edge of the ping pong ball. I poured a little extra on the inside to make it sturdier and let it dry for 72 hours.

11 years ago

Mamo&Theta very interersted method =D. its looking very nice. but wouldn't you like to make a glass eye or type. so you can actually see throught w/o having to look through the teardrop?

LaPetiteSalope ahhhh creeppyy--but it looks so badass. Great job!

Kazukii O-O Eyebawls! Neat. :3

jounink wow how clever

Lynx I've used clear plastic domes prior to this for my eyes. The iris is usually colored plexiglass with window tint covering a hole for the pupil. Visability is great but I've always had fogging issues so wanted to give these a try. My early tests with resin showed that even thin layers distorted the image too much to see through.