I look REALLY interested in that tree, lol.

This could be my favorite shot from the Morton Arboretum photoshoot. The lighting was just right, and it was such a lovely (albeit quite windy!) day. I want to go back there just to walk around and enjoy the scenery!

Photo by Tanya
Costume made and modeled by myself

Princess Zelda
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Princess Zelda
Princess Zelda
10 years ago

Chiefy That is a beautiful shot! The costumes also very lovely. ^^

Fiona Oh! Muy bonita la foto y muy chulo el traje!^_^

Phoenix_Kasai Wow! Very beautiful shot! And I love the details.. I see all those little white crystals/beads/whatever u used in each scaloped edge. Nicely done!!

AkoRedfield Too beautiful for words :]

Ninnu-chan Hallelujah! O__O You're perfect Zelda!

kaolinite Fantastic work on the costume! You look beautiful!

Lady Tyrona I don;t comment that often anymore (d*mn work!) but your work is so incredibly beautiful, I have so much respect for your dress, it should deserve an oscar, or at least a showcase. Your own creative visions, the accuracy and you made this dress into a true piece of art.

yosei-hime Did my comment even show up? ... <3 :D (too great for words).

akuriko Gorgeous as always~ I love the way the light is hitting your eyes in this shot. I agree with lady Tyrona that this costume deserves a showcase! ^w^ &#9829;

Crystalike so beautiful!! your eyes are lovely and the work on this costume is incredible.

Link_Trans Amazing! You look just like you walked out of the game! Keep up the great work, Jaquii :)

crimson_spirit that's so cool you look so much like her!!! how did you make you're armor.

Relena989 Stunning!!

Hanami Wauw!! you look stunning and I looooove the details!!

Arroyo Amazingggg!!

LinkInSpirit Beautiful as always!

Hiyoko-chan why this cosplay hasn't been showcased yet is completey ridiculous!! your Zelda is absolutely perfect and stunning, i always adore seeing it in person! 8D

Koisnake This is a really gorgeous photo. Love how natural everything looks, lol.

The-Real-Link Wow yeah, love the fall palette here as it blends with your gorgeous armor wonderfully :) A great day shot where lack of flash actually helps accent your eyes as you said.

PrinzessinZelda Hey! You look so cute n_n And.. your necklace is together with your shoulder armor?? Or is apart??

Synariel This costume is absolutely beautiful. Has anyone ever said that you look a bit like Kirsten Dunst? I really think you do in this picture :)

Riikku Awesome!! You look so great! *__*

Kacey This might be my fav, actually... Your face looks so beautiful, and this shot is seriously perfect :D. I love them all though- so it's hard to choose which is the best <3

Albel-Nox Everytime i look at your Zelda pics i'm so amazed! You did such a awesome job with everything. It must be hard to take all the pearls in the right place. Wow, i bow in front of you. Your so epic!!

shattered_song you are seriously the most beautiful and detailed zelda i have ever seen! you look just like her! amaazing job!

shadowsage STUNNING. Like always. =)

Crys The best Zelda of all time! >u<*

shadowsage I LOVE seeing new pictures of this costume! You are gorgeous, and I love your armor!

Earthychan I am still amazing but this costume... Umm.. so you made little hinges for the bottom of the shoulder armour?