On the rock

On the rock

Because I am a photo whore ... and this is my favourite picture of them all. I promise, this is the last one! Credits go to Stillvisions for naturally getting such pretty colours with his camer. ^_^

15 years ago

RikkuX wow that picture rocks my world ^_^ Awesome job on the costume

piyo2himi Great costume and very very awesome wig *___*

Solaria Whoa that is so intense and awesome!

Jia Jem sooooo perfect. My friend recommended this cosplay to me, but I can't do it now. You totally own it!

Ciarathallya Yeah I can never ever pull of such a great job like you did. Wow. Man that is awesome.

CheshireCat that's so cool I love your hair

Nevar Wooww~ that's really cool XD!

kyandi-chan that costume is so neat! i love the hair!!!! and i wanna eat your coat

Tenshi Musouka I think I took a picture on that exact same rock. lol.

Hikaruchan Great costume and wig, totally nice photo.

lainey the best rogue i have *ever* seen :D excellent work

BlueLady awesome pix! The coat and wig are very impressive as well!

Kagz EEEEE! I LOVES IT! -eats wig- -chews on shoes- YAY! -glomps-

Saria Omigosh, this is SO kickbutt~! I luff it!!! You did an -awesome- jobbness~! ^_____^

heki-chan OH EM GEE MAN!! KIA OWNZ *_* this shot is so gorgeous ^_^

x|aoLang wow!!! i love this costume so much~

Yui This is like the sexiest wig ever. &gt;'__'< And beautiful fabric and fur and netting...just wonderful textures and colors and a great pose in this photo and yeah....I'm done for now.

Jinyo Awesome coat! And how can you not love that wig!?! You look great!

Elsch AWESOME!! This is a perfect shot of your perfect costume~ haha~ <3 I love it!

Mikaeru-san Ver very very awesome *-*

Tinde The jacket look so cool. *Steals*

Dr. Holocaust Are you on the rock because you like rock and roll? Yeah yeah bad joke. But you should totally be in a hair metal band dressed like that. Sword and all. Perhaps Blame Becky might take you?