Spartan with C&C Red Alert Girl

Spartan with C&C Red Alert Girl

Spartan with the Red Alert Girl

11 years ago

scrubster saw you at anime boston we had a couple photos together i was issac clarke from dead space. excellent job on your master chief costume.

yaoiXlife saw ya at AB as well i think i see me in this photo lolz in the shinigami outfit.

Phoenix_Kasai Lol.. well this is an interesting couple! I always wondered if someone would dress up as her.. now I know! I think these two characters would actually have a very "interesting" conversation.

Hooded Woman Wow! Came out great!

george of tanki hey man thanks, I was not so good with a cosplay but Q and I could do, but it's damn you, and that this law of there in cosplay "halo" I am crazy to do cosplay of Crysis, I hope that is good too ^ ^

Kula Diamond** Great cosplay! ^u^~ Thanx for commenting! =*

Feena-chan very cool!!! *_*

jactinglim OMG Red Alert!!!111!1 asdfghjk

Angrias Wow, friggin' amazing! Great job.

Kirschwasser Wow, that's amazing. I don't know how you made it, but it looks pro! It must have been fun to wear such an outfit!

Sheik Chan Wow. Awesome!! My little cousin would die to meet you in that. XD He's a little Halo fan....well a little big halo fan... >.>;

+.-.uzuki.-.+ both looking really cool X3 (thank u for the comments all the time btw)

Vivi-san ...WOW... That looks GREAT!!!! It must have taken you DAYS to make that!

Justkiwi *_______* crazy costume!! amazinggggg

Shizuku wow, stunning work!

Clari OMG!! Your cosplay looks REALLY GOOD!!! *_* I lovvvvv it! <3 Nice job, nice job!! =D

MangaFreak150 omg omg omg omg! -dies- i want to make armor outfitsssss >_< this look so freakin amazing!

Karla_chan Thank you for the compliment. Your cosplay is so cool

Angeal awesome picture