Galaxy Fairy

Galaxy Fairy

My Sheryl Nome costume~ i did a Outfit from a postcard that has not been done so much. I really like this design~ Sheryl is a great character~ I really got to love her though I could not stand her in the first episodes but that changed :3

Great photo by const. Thanks ^^

Sheryl Nome
Macross Frontier
Sheryl Nome
10 years ago

Lemuniac Lovely**

LenaleeLee schönes cos x3

JulianMoore ich wünscht manchmal ich hätt deine figur ;__; So Schön!!!

-Yamane- Awesome photo and wonderful cosplay *_*

Krishna You make a great Sheryl!!

Ita istar wonderful pose and costume! stunning :)

Geister WOW!!!! You make a very beautiful Sheryl!!! This photo is really amazing!!!!

Soffel es sit so toll <333

Miaka-li *bewunder* :D~

B-Shira Sheryl! Elsch you always looks beautiful!

Suaine I love your Sheryl! You look great! *.*

Albel-Nox Wonderful as usual!

Rikkitz Wow, awesome pic~

Jasone Ultra sexy!

magehikari you are amaziing *O* please post more photos~

Yuna_sun omg you ARE amazing!! realy beautiful die pose, der ausdruck!! einfach alles!!

Shirak You look absolutely GORGEOUS!

Archelon Fantastic Sheryl. And thanks for the comment, too, by the way. ^_^

SvK It's hard to hold a pose on an escalator for a long time, because the escalator will dump you off at the end.

TheSurfingDonut amazing job as always. you make an awesome Sheryl.

Kittycricri wonderful model, pose and picture!!! You look gorgeous! <3

Minako Aino Sexy *__*

nannerz You are so pretty! Cute costume

Darkichigo amazing!so cute*_*

pixiekitty Super cute photo :)

Julia Awesome pic! Your look great!

Kula Ayanami omg, you are beautiful, te ecosplay is stunning and the photo is great!*-* perfect!*o*

Sora-Yaoi That's soooo cute. And your smile *o* That's so awesome (And thanks for your comment ^^')

Shina You look perfect, like always! :) you've got the most beautiful smile ever! *jealous*

Mintychan Hey, vielen Dank für die lieben Kommentare \*o*/ Und wow, ich liebe deine Cosplays.. so detailgetreu und stimmig *__* vielleicht sieht man sich ja auf der Connichi C:

Nuiihren Wunderschön! *_______*

Selphie you look so pretty I allways love the ancles of your shots and your face expressions ^^

+Misato+ wow!! you are gorgeous sheryl!! *-*

lao OH wow. AMAZING Sheryl. *_*

Deval muß dir alles so gut stehen?? :3 einfach sexü

ff7sam Beautiful! ^__^

xKasumix This is so adorable again, dear! I love your face expression as also as the pose and the costume. Everything's fantastic! So gorgeous shot and job on the outfit! I love it! *O*

Luce Gooorgeous Sheryl! And I love the pose/photo ^^ Thanks a lot for all the nice comments on my pictures! I really love your work so it means a lot to me :)

twins awwwwww *w* so cuteeeeeeeeeeee

aimee you look gorgeous!!

LiL KRN YUNA I honestly believe that you are one of the greatest cosplayers ever! I admire your work so much & you are just an absolute beauty!

Ivy I really love this outfit so cute and sexy and you have the perfect figure for it <3

Mahiru-Asa Your Sheryl is very beautiful! I want see more Sheryl photos!

Erdbeerkuchen Aweeeeeeeeeeesome cosplay *_* Wohaaaa *_*

fly_aguilera just amazing!

Koibito_XY pretty, made this picture was dangerous haha

Miki-san whow, such a pretty pretty shot of you! i love it! the pose is outstanding, and all the colors go sooo well with eachother!

Crystalike I love this so much!! Your figure is great, and the costume is so well done! Go Macross Frontier love!

Choi Cool costume. try your hair dont get stucked in the electric stairs.

kira_tsuki wow *w* cute cosplay *¬* & sexy