kaliko_rosa Cosplayers: Me and my b/f, Tenshi Musouka
Cosplays: Great Saiyaman #1 and #2 (Dragonball Z)
Location: CN Anime Expo 2004
Debuted at: CN Anime Expo 2004

I don't know why I'm up posting stuff so late at night, never mind stuff from a con half a year ago, but you know. We're all slow now and then ^_^;; This photo was taken by Ikegami, and I edited it a while back. So here goes! :D.

It's Tenshi and I as the Saiyapeople in the CNAX Dealer's room :D. Those wacky stares were good fun ^_^! Gotta love the dragonballs, ne? XD.

These costumes were in their "almost finished" stage. The final version will debut AX05 ^_^.

Peace. Love. Anime.

Kaliko Rosa