Hee-Hee My Ultimecia cosplay is only about 80% complete, due partly to procrastination on my part and also due to a tragic event happening to our family just a week before the convention.

But I gotta thank MiKE BOiKE for getting some photos of our Dissidia group Saturday night at Anime Matsuri!

The next time I take her to a con I'll have the completed wig (extensions need to be added in front to hide problem areas and the lack of hands on my fake arms), leg tattoos, white chest piece, a finished shawl, and hopefully I'll have movable finger extensions in my Griever arms (my hands come to about the wrist, so I do have a bit of mobility with them). Oi, looks like I need to stiffen and widen that front head spike, too. ADDING THAT TO THE LIST!

^_^ Everyone has been very kind about my cosplay so far, so thanks a lot!