Callesto Making "Bling-Bling Sparkle" Babydoll from Sucker Punch for Fanime!

As I was looking at pictures from Sucker Punch before the movie came out I really fancied Sweet Pea's costume and thought I would make that if anything. But then I saw the movie and Baby Doll's goooorgeous costume at the end so Sweet Pea was forgotten haha. I've already put a thousand studs on a leather jacket so two thousand more gems on another costume won't hurt lol.


Most everything needs to be changed from my test here but that's why it's a test I guess haha.

Wig - Need to work on the bangs some more and trim it an inch. I'm going to be using this wig for Callisto (Xena) and Sookie (True Blood) so I don't want to alter it too much. Also need clear hair ties.

Makeup - Not sure if I like these eyelashes or not, I think they're too thick so I'll keep looking around. Also want an eyeshadow with a bit more sparkle. Need a touch more blush too.

Headband - 95% finished just need another row of blue gems in the back, I just ran out while making it. Still need to buy thousands of other gems though haha.