Maakie Elizabeth at your service!

Photoshoot location: NDSM Werf Amsterdam
Cosplayer: me (Maakie)
Photographer: Arian A


My biggest costume so far, Elizabeth, is finally finished! I can't believe it!

All my old Work in Progress from it, I have moved to this gallery:

If people are interested in the act I did with this costume, you can watch it here:

The untransformed version of Elizabeth can be seen here:


As for this costume...I don't even know where to start!

This costume was a dream for me to make! I have been looking at this character design for years, wanting to cosplay it, but everytime I was too scared it would be too difficult. Around june 2013 I finally decided to start on it. It was quite a slow project, because I couldn't work much from my own home and travelled a lot to friends and family, but I ended up finishing it all on time!

Please enjoy the pictures and feel free to ask questions!