Kukkii-san High ponytails and updo's are one of the most essential, yet tricky wig-styling techniques. You really need to wrap your mind around how wigs work, as opposed to real hair, and you'll need a lot of patience and precision if you want a ponytail wig that is neat and clean looking, fits your head well, and will last throughout more than one convention.

I compiled a tutorial with photos from different projects I completed over the last year or so, and some that I made specifically for this tutorial. So the wig colors, styles, and photo quality will vary throughout the tut, but they all illustrate the same basic styling technique.

The tutorial will conclude with a few examples of how to evolve the basic ponytail shape into completely different styles. (In progress.)

While this tutorial is for wigs with a SINGLE ponytail (or hairbun) and does NOT show how to make a back part for two or more pigtails, the technique for pulling up the hair into the ponytail(s) is the same. Only where and how you add the extra hair to fill up the bald spots in the wig will differ.

(Click on the thumbnail to the left to start the tutorial.)