MarineSnow Photo by MarkK on 28th May 2011 (got to love the hair ribbons and the poof of the skirt, but shame the costume is all wrinkled as I shoved it in my luggage to transport it)

Rachel Alucard from BlazeBlue. Costume made by myself from scratch and Gii plushie was a joint effort between Sara and myself though Sara did most of the hard work. Sadly, I doubt I will re-wear this costume very much again, unless a friend needs me to be Rachel for their BlazBlue group. Nevertheless, Rachel will still make a debut at LFCC 11 for the Mela Lee signings as she is the voice actress of Rachel.

Everytime I wear this costume, my make up is different o.0 This was the first time I did the makeup by myself which did not turn out as good because I don't have a steady hand to apply eyeliner or lashes, so I thought I will only use foundation, lipstick and eyeshadow. Next time I will definitely learn how to get a steady hand... hopefully.....