KoriStarfire My mother and I decked out for the Star Trek exhibition. Of course she is in the captain's chair! XD
Photo was taken in the exhibition by the photographer there and printed up at the booth. I'm probably breaking some laws by scanning and posting it like this, but at least i'm not claiming credit. >.>;

Cool story: My mother made the costumes 20 years ago! (i was real tiny) But she told me that she didn't have the confidence to wear them until now. Since she knows I cosplay, she told me she felt better about going out in her Star Trek costume that she never intended to wear at all. :) (She just made them cause she wanted to have them ha ha!)

Anyway, My mom is in a TNG uniform from the early seasons and I am in a TNG uniform from the later seasons. (it really is like 2nd generation! har har...)