Harriet Cospoison Team at Lucca Comics 2010.
I'm the blue headed one in the middle.
Lots of beautiful friends here, minus the two who started it all: Shu and Kinnara, the minds behind the project and the most talented of Cospoison team.
You can also see the beautiful Linda and Patty in the role of Noelle and Kaya: they come from La Vie Boheme Cosplay team.
Kinnara and Shu started the project and made most of the pictures and paper models. Shu is the artist of most of the paintings. Kinnara, Ahkan (Leon) and May (Caterina) made the accessories. Miss Reptyle (Esther) styled the wigs. Mia (Kate), Ayachan (Asta), Allen (Tres) helped with the details.
I sewed my costume and also the costumes of Esther, Kate, Tres and Leon.

Photo was taken by Sandman from Flash Gordon Cosplay.