Callesto Merida from Brave [Pixar movie coming out June 2012]
Costume 100% made by me

Model: Me
Photography: Nataly Guzman, May 2012

Went up to CA this last weekend to see my favorite person in the world live in concert and to spend time with Nataly on her birthday, and we had some extra time to do a couple photoshoots as well so I finished up Merida and brought the costume with me on my trip!

New wig is custom made and styled by me. Also fixed up the ruffles on my under-dress, hand embroidered the eyelets on the front of her green dress, made a couple new arrows, an armguard, and a hand grip for my bow! I also made the medallion she has on her bow but it broke in a billion pieces when I went to shoot an arrow on the beach lol (at least I'll have a few shots with it on the beach!). So I have to remake that for Fanime.. and add some detail to my quiver but probably not because lazy..