Maakie Photoshoot location: NDSM Werf Amsterdam
Cosplayer: me (Maakie)
Photographer: Arian A

Around 6-7 years ago I found out about Mecha Musume for the first time. Quite quickly I became a big fan of Humikane/Fumikane Shimada's artstyle! As a figure collector, I also started collecting figures from this genre and artist and after receiving my Elizabeth figure 3-4 years ago she quickly became my favorite Mecha Musume character! Being a cosplayer for a while back then, I also wanted to make a costume of her! Unfortunately I was too afraid of the project because of the big, mechanical parts which I also wanted to make.

After 6 years of cosplaying I finally was brave enough to start on this project!

The transformed version of Elizabeth can be seen here:

If people are interested in the act I did with this costume, you can watch it here:


All the Work In Progress pictures from this costume have been moved to: