manipulate probability

manipulate probability

Boom boom, my hex bolts go boom boom.

And by the way, I am half frozen at the point this was taken. Ocean at sunset in spring is a chilly place to hang out with limited clothing.

Photo by the amazing

Scarlet Witch / Wanda Maximoff
The Avengers
Scarlet Witch / Wanda Maximoff
Scarlet Witch - The Avengers
12 years ago

Cubed_Link oh wow, this is completely amazing! The cosplay is beyond impressive and the shot is beautiful!

Mew_Pudding REALLY kick ass Wanda!

pistnuto You really look great! Love your Scarlet Witch and nice pic!

AmberTheStylist That's an amazing version of Wanda! You look great and the setting looks appropriately magical.

Annwyn Wow, you look great! Awesome job!

Efecss Great looking, classic, Scarlet Witch.

Dazzle chan BEAUTIFUL!!! <3

martinllavot Awesome custom, i loved u´re red color so fantastic

Arroyo Perfect.

carladawn Absolutely amazing!!!!!

Angeal Great costume i love marvel comics very nice

Crystalike this is amazing! the colors are awesome!

skinnyAZN Awesome! I love the cape in this photo and you made her very nice!

brazilianhero Perfect...Excelente...!!!

Truest_Strike This image is too awesome.

PeregrinTook310 Awesome shot!