This is the costume I wore to Ad Astra this passed weekend. It took about ten different tries before I found a way to keep this thing on my head, and thankfully it wasn't too uncomfortable to wear.

'Helmet Girl'
Camilla D'Errico
Helmet Girl - Xiomara
Helmet Girl
10 years ago

Jaquii this looks so cool!! I love the paint job! :D

Kiero1125 That is really amazing : O I am curious to know exactly how you kept it on your head.

Simakai This hat is completely sick, I love it!

Mirromaru Awesome hat, it looks rad!

Mollycool Awesome!

Jysbena Ehehe. <3

Avianna That is amazing. Pure and simple! I'm just in awe! Paint job and detail are just fantastic!

Melek did you make it with only foam? O_O Fu#$ing Awesome job. and suits you so natural. congratulations

blackbutterfly You did a great job, the hat looks fantasic! love the details! ...but I'm wondering how that thing keeps on your head^^

stillvisions I saw you folks at Ad-Astra; didn't have time to do much for shoots there, but sometime if you're in the area we should arrange something, because they all looked great and photos would be awesome. Many props for having those crazy helmets and having them so well-attached.

NytenGale !! dude!! sweet! i'd wear that in public!!

linksliltri4ce That is sooooo cool! I LOVE IT!