Midnight in the Wallmarket

Midnight in the Wallmarket

After the last flowers are sold, she basks in the green glow of the night-lights under the plate, and dreams of a world where there are stars in the sky.


Taken in Tokyo last spring by the delightful Becca. I love the green lighting here almost inexpressibly. <3 (For the record, the metal overhead is the underside of a multiple-overpass for trains, but it made such a brilliant Midgar plate we couldn't help snapping a few shots.)

Aerith Gainsborough
Final Fantasy VII
Aerith Gainsborough
*...promised land...*
11 years ago

negativedreamer great photo for a great aeris!

Rinoa07 This is beautiful! The setting is perfect and you make sugh a great Aeris!

Enzera87 Wow, awesome shot! Way cool! ^^

Dante-san *o* awesome shot. I love the location it´s perfect^^

CosplayerGabi Nice accurate photography.

Minako Aino The setting is simply perfect *o*