A Light In The Dark.

A Light In The Dark.

Myself as Lulu from Final Fantasy X. Photo taken by Ted [SpookyElectric] at Katsucon 2009. Appropriate locations for a FFX shoot were next to nil in Crystal City, but I've always been a fan of elemental motifs where Lulu is concerned. This darkened lounge lit by wall sconces worked out really well! I've wanted to remake this costume ever since I first wore it, but now that seems inevitable, as I lost one of my hairsticks at the convention. ;__; As luck would have it, that particular hairstick was the most time consuming of them all to make! So yes, a better version of this costume is on the horizon - Hopefully one that I can stand to wear for more than an hour at a time, LOL.

Final Fantasy X
11 years ago

deshwitat very nice, looking beautiful there ^^, and love the lighting in the photo

Dadderface If there are better Lulus out there one would be hard pressed to find them :)

Inu Kruger Very amazing

cloudwarrior this is an amazing pic and you look exactly like lulu. awesome job ^^

Hiyoko-chan Your Lulu is so amazingly accurate and beautiful! i wish i could see it in person! XD

Albel-Nox I have no words for this. Its simply amazing!!!

Elsch Great photo ^^

Raikynha_Pt Amazing^^