Last of the Cetra.

Last of the Cetra.

Myself as an Yoshitaka Amano rendition of Aerith Gainsborough from Final Fantasy VII. Photo taken by the ever-talented Dave [Ng-Master] at Katsucon 2009. Thank you again for the beautiful photo set, sir!

A slight disclaimer: This costume is nowhere near complete, though I was happy to get it to the "wearable" state in time for the convention. I have an immense amount of detailing left to add, and I honestly cringe when looking at the staff, which probably won't look anything like it does here in its finished state. Eventually time ran out and I had to tie some sashes to a curtain rod. HOO BOY.

PS: If anyone happens to know Dave's screenname here, kindly let me know. I'd like to link him at the photographer!

Aerith Gainsborough [Amano]
Final Fantasy VII
Aerith Gainsborough
11 years ago

Shapa-Keesay its nice to see a more original take on the design - you look lovely :]

SchizoIori This looks nice. It looks slightly inspired by the green glass artwork of aeris. If you haven't seen that it's on

GabrielDarkhawk WOW! Love the color scheme and the wig is gorgeous! ^_^