Train Story

Train Story

So, there was this time when I went to a train museum, but it was on a day that it was closed and they were moving all the trains around. My sister begged and pleaded to be allowed on one, so they let us in...
and in the midst of the conductor explaining how things worked I somehow managed to release the breaks that started the train along.

I love trains.
At this time, I have no logical reason as to why I'm on one or what I'm doing, but hey! Look how many gears there are in the background! This has GOT to qualify as steampunk, now!

This picture is mostly to show off the zipper down the side of my pants. Outfit was designed, drafted, and constructed by me. Photo by Elemental.

Train Baron
10 years ago

Ahza_miracle wooow so cute 0-0.. ^0^

Yui I love your stories. XD And I love the delicious stretch twill of your coat. Can't wait to steal some of the extra bits of it.

CianFionn okay, now THIS is how to use those magnificent zippers! and i thought they were cool on coats...^_^ awesome design!

Sissy this picture is beautiful, I love the pants