Stop in the name of (name here)

Stop in the name of (name here)

Taken at the St. Louis transportation museum just before Kawacon.

In the picture, I actually have my leg up on the train, which is why I've got the flamingo look. Also, it was a freakin' huge train. Really.

Of course, we shall now all ignore the fact that it couldn't have come any further towards me if it wanted to, since I'm standing on a track-less platform, but the idea was fun. ^.^ (Plus it shows off the back of my vest.)

Outfit designed and made by me...further modifications likely to transpire.

Train Baron
10 years ago

Coranz That is a really great shot!

Elemental I'm really glad you like these. ^_^ It's silly, but they turned out really well.

Elke I love the color palate, and fabric combinations you've used!

R1KKu Great photo, and I love that outfit of yours.

strawberry neko Absolutely incredible!

Chelseahavoc ooo great shot and the costume ida is incredable!

Ivy oh my *_* I have to had this pic to my favourites. Gorgeous picture, you do NOT have enough comments. congrats to you for the costume and to the photographer too, I love the colors and the contrast between your costume and the background.

Sissy you designed a very well coordinated outfit, and this pic is just EPIC XD

FayLynW Love your shirt pattern!! Do you remember which one you used because it is just perfect!!!