Tira Butt

Tira Butt

A photo to show the back of the costume. That tail thing is deffinately one of my favorite parts of the costume, and it was fun to make!

Photo taken by David Ng

2P Tira
Soulcalibur IV
Tira 2nd Player - Soul Calibur 4
9 years ago

dustyG sweeet!Awesome cosplay,

lilaznfreak So well done! It looks very accurate! :)

cloudwarrior you have the coolest tira cosplay ^^ its awesome ^^

~Lightning~ This is perfect <3

MysteriousMaemi great details

Lucifer I'm really glad to see someone do this version of Tira, and do it perfectly too!

Dust Bunny Your Tira is just amazing, you really nailed all of the detail work! I like how you have your pinky finger out, so proper!

AoutValour Wow! Really awesome job.

RuhiNunchuck Wow. You did an amazing job on this. All the details O.O great job!

JadySaphira wow O_O best tira i've ever seen!

HildegardKrone Love the pose.

AoutValour Really nice work.