Mizune - Mouse

Mizune - Mouse
@Hooded Woman

Soul Eater's very own Mouse witch Mizune as seen in the Manga chapter 18.

I had a lot of fun making and even more fun wearing this costume. The most challenging part being the top...which after playing with wire, interfacing and fabric I perfected.

Side note: I don't want to sew stripes again for awhile...

Soul Eater
Mizune - Soul Eater
9 years ago

dustyG wow..nice cosplay~cool,

Miri Wow, this is so cool. :D

cloudwarrior pretty epic ^^

Inu Kruger Epic Win

Tranquility Crazy outfit. Great job on it, you look so cool!

itachi reznor wicked

Capt_Lucifer Wow... just... wow... This cosplay is so accurate its scary! xD

SvK Congratulations on making such an impractical design work. Could you use your arms? I imagine touching your face is out of the question, which doesn't seem important until it's impossible.

Meta77 super cute

FlyingPenguin I'm not really familiar with the character, but the fact that you made such an impractical design work is awesome. And you look completely fantastic in it! <3

UnnamedUnknown Awesome job on the outfit, looks great

Crystalike OMG. perfect! Did you have a Blair to recreate the fight scene? that would be awesome. XD

Heartless Halo awesome 5x Mizune!! - it really does look like the character costume very well done! Had a friend do 5x and she had issues with the top as well XD

Angeal looks great you did a great job very great work on this cosplay like wow look really great

RedKira heya i planning to do mizune at a con soon how did you do the shoes and top i got the just of how to do the top but the shoes have me stumped. I must say you have made this cosplay and look fantastic in it

FoxInABox! Strange question, but may i ask how you got your boobs to stay like that? XD

blame!!! cool n.n