Its your Rose, but I'm sexier with it

Its your Rose, but I'm sexier with it

I mean, I just imagine Xigbar and Belle in a room together discussing how their best friends are both so unfortunately endowed with facial hair. Or maybe they like it. Comparing Xaldin and The Beast amuses me, anyway.

Taken at Kawacon by the lovely Elemental. The backgrounds were occasionally deep mahogany or golden gilt, so I brought out the rose to take advantage of Valentines day and the excellent setting.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Kingdom Hearts: Organization
10 years ago

shattered_song zomg. the love i have for you is sooo strong for doing this! you NAILED IT! great job:)

KHRiku_4ever Nice pecks ya got thar manry man! ;D

Jia Jem dang, that rose really got around that weekend! slut

Yui (At least the rose wasn't hopping into the bathtub with people or sprouting forth anyone's chest unlike some of our poor props.) By anyway...this is the proper way to "travel light." Ditch the darn dome. XD For some reason, I'm expecting Xaldin here to suddenly toss the rose dramatically and offer pithy one-liners meant to inspire a recycled animation of a signature super-move. Or maybe he's just going to take a bite out of it.

Elemental You still amuse the heck out of me in this. ^_^