Gotta Have Faith

Gotta Have Faith

My Mirror's Edge cosplay of Faith

Mirror's Edge
Mirror's Edge Cosplay
9 years ago

dustyG awesome photo,indeed!

Kuragiman Stunning work! Great photo too boot! I just picked this game up.. It's so damn hard but soooo good! As one of my favorite cosplayers, you again, have not disappointed.

EndlessNights Fantastic picture♥

Raffi OMG thats great!!!! My fav game ever!!!

Chelseahavoc awesome photo!!!!! *_* and great cosplay!

Fire Lily Great picture!!

Saeru This is such a pretty action shot! I really like how its so dark in the leaves the imagination open as to where it is you're swinging. ^.^ Who was the photographer?

Albel-Nox Wow~ fantastic picture.

erockson Whoa fantastic shot. You really did a number with this pose, reminds me of the game. Amazing cosplay.I really enjoy this pic.

LaPetiteSalope That is one amazing pose to hold! Great job!

ravenmist That is amazing!! This makes me want to cosplay Faith even more. What a great pose!

ZiggyB That is a FANTASTIC shot! Very nice. :D

cloudwarrior my goodness this is an amazing shot for a pretty awesome cosplay ^^ very awesome job ^^

MysteriousMaemi great photo I like it a lot

AoutValour This photo drips with awesome. I love Faith.

SkyIkao absolutely great!

Raffi Congrats for being showcased ^^

Erdbeerkuchen coool *_* awesome *_*

ChicoChan awesome Faith, I love the pose as much as I love you Kai photos! Mirrors Edge was such a phenomenal game.

Etsu Great photo! I'm jealous of your athleticism.

Lady Tyrona great set up for this costume! Amazing job guys and girls!

Mirromaru Awesome indeed! *_* The setting and pose are stunning!

-Ichi- Mirrors Edge *___* Awsome You could be Faith's Twin xDDD Nice Cosplay ^.^d

Pan~ you gotta be kiddin me =O ! I love that character *3* ! great job !

AdamBomb7 excellent!

ba77ousai Ultimate awesomeness

etaru This is awesome!

angelkawaii awesome shot!

miamiasma Very cool

RPGirlNess Wow! Your pictures are always so pretty! Nice work. ^^

livvylove Nice pose and what a great shot

princemercury1 This is amazing shot!! ^^

Gryphus Gz for the showcase :)

missfawn Thanks everyone! I can't believe I'm featured! Awesome! Thanks for the support! ^_^

Nightengale37 Such a cool shot!

Kimikotan Looks awesome!

Pet Frey *-*

lilaznfreak wow. I dont really know this series, but this picture is AMAZING. Must of been a good arm workout haha

Dokudel Oh crap thats awesome!

~Lsine great shot

Mimizu Really fantastic pose. I like your work

Mahio Awesome Faith! I loved Mirror's edge and got so sucked into the game.

Static-sidhe This is such an incredible photo! It looks like it was done in a studio; did the photographer just rig up some chains for you to swing off, or is it a performance studio? *once saw an AMAZING circus performance done with hanging chains*

Katsumiyo Awesome costume, awesome pose, awesome photo. Fantastic job!

Hikaru-Jan Bad ass Faith!

Yuna-chani very cool *-* I love this game *_*

HanaMoon O.o!! Thah photo's just epic!!!

kevingat oh my!!, perfect cosplay!

Mikilane You make an awesome Faith :D I love this picture! ^_^

RAWRsan cool!