Concert Lights!

Concert Lights!

It looks like i'm putting on a concert in my Songstress Rikku costume!

Microphone by Lionboogy
Photo taken by LJinto at Katsucon 2009

Songstress Rikku
Final Fantasy X-2
Songstress Rikku (remake)
Songstress Rikku Version 2
9 years ago

Katie That is one fluffy ponytail!

cloudwarrior rikku be rocking it ^^ awesome pic ^^ very very kool

Rikku-chan wow what a ponytail! haha this picture is awesome!!

lunaladyoflight OOO YAY A Rikku with a HUUGE ponytail :) I love this shot. Perfect for Songstress.

angelkawaii That's some huge hair! Love it!

Feena-chan youre such a amazing Rikku!!! *o* perfect cosplay!!

Sheik Chan Cuuute~

veraca Awsome job~ I love the mic too xD

RedGodHelp Pretty shot!)

AuroraPeachy What a unique shot!

neoangelwink that is very coool^_^

`Difficile Siiiiick! Your wig is so awesome. You look just like her!

Lady Saea I love this picture. :D Awesome Rikku!