Black*Star & Tsubaki

Black*Star & Tsubaki

Very amazing photo....that's all I have to say.
Oh, and I'm jealous at Black*Star's ability to pose epically.

KagomeChann as the Wonderful Black*Star

Picture taken by the equally wonderful PhotoNinja!

Soul Eater
Tsubaki Nakatsukasa
Katana no Youkai
9 years ago

thiagoaas hey! I'm going to do Black*Star cosplay soon and I'm curious to know... How did you get the wig like this?!? *O* It's the most perfect form of Black*Star's hair I've seen *-*~ Is it OK to tell the secret? =P

tenren Uhhhhh, actually, I'm not the Black*Star in the picture ^^;;. The Black*Star is KagomeChann on Coscom, so maybe ask her??

fly_aguilera amazing group!

StarsOfCassiopeia You guys look fantastic! :D Any chance you'll be bringing this cosplay to Otakon? I'll be wearing Soul Eater garb too, and I'd love to get pictures!