Buddies on the floor Ahoy!

Buddies on the floor Ahoy!

Catsiy as Yuna, me as Rikku
Photo by Lionboogy at Katsucon 2009. Microphones also made by Lionboogy.

Songstress Yuna and Rikku
Final Fantasy X-2
Songstress Rikku (remake)
Songstress Rikku Version 2
9 years ago

Crystalike Gorgeous costumes! I love the poses too!

Geister Amazing photo!

Xellie-Pooh really nice. How did you make those mikrophones

BalthierFlare That's awesome! You're microphone is alluring! XD

Riikku Awesome! Love the poses! =D

R1KKu Lovely costumes and great photo!

Rikku-chan you guys are so cute!!

+Misato+ very cute!! =) i love our details n.n

Aneris This is such a great photo. So different from the "Oh gawd, so sad, we're dying." pose.

neoangelwink that is cool^_^

`Difficile Eeee, Pixiekitty, your boots are amazing! I love this photo...the colors are so great.

RandomRikku i love this pic!!