In Ordon

In Ordon

We finally did a photoshoot a few months ago. I needed new pictures of Ordon Link, everything else that I had up was old. So we went out to the same place I did my Marth photoshoot. I wear the ordon sword with it sometimes, even tho he never does it just seems fitting to me. I liked the set a lot but this was probably my favorite picture of the bunch.
pic taken by my dad of consplayers.

Zoroko The scenery fits so well with this cosplay~ Interesting that you decided to wear the sword too! ^^

cloudwarrior i love the scenery looks really awesome kool shot man ^^ you do got the look for link

xKatsu You make a very cute Link :)

Sands beautiful shot - the colours and tone of the whole piece is gorgeous

amaterasumikami I love the colors of the scene is like the game ^_^ You are a perfect link *^*

Jaquii Everything is so gorgeous; the scenery in combination with you costume make this shot perfect!

neoangelwink very cute ^_^

Aneris This seems like a very Link pose. Well, a nice calm one before or after 'holy-crap-long-adventure' takes place.

shadowlink O.o I really like this shot. Pikmin you are so amazing ^_^The reason I love it is because this scene is just like the game. ^_^ Gonna make it my wallpaper lol.

Korinchan Fantastically awesome. The setting is very befitting!

HimeZelda So kick butt ^_^

Hikaruhime Everyone's already said everything I can think of! Gorgeous scenery, lovely lighting, and awesome costume!

negativedreamer wonderful setting on this. good job as usual

Allison Awesome as always! ^-^

B-Shira *¬*

Elsch you make a great Link!! :3

Ai no Tsubasa You did it sooo good (:

Ordonboy AWESOME! X3 i feel like a noob really...well im a noob after all XD. I love your cosplays OwO can you give me some tips n_nUu hehehe i hope to see you in mexico again X3 see you later OwO

Yuna_sun realy awesome picture you look so much like link *__* i realy like all you picture!! the expression in you face is very good and maches link a lot =) realy cuuuut :333

MWH the best link in the world!

LinkTheHylian12 Do you think you can make a tutorial of how you make Link's swords or if you can tell me where you got them? Please?

Dalibar You are link incarnate @[email protected]