Tira - Soul Calibur IV

Tira - Soul Calibur IV

Photos taken by Eurobeatking at Kastucon 2009.
Wonderful ring made by Lionboogy

Soulcalibur IV
Tira 2nd Player - Soul Calibur 4
9 years ago

Giuly_Chan that's amazing!!O__O

vg_goddess02 Wow, your costume is amazing!! And you're really pretty :)

Kit Foxfire I'm so glad I got to see this! <3

ravenmist That really is amazing.

effervescence Tiiiira! She's my absolutely favorite character to play, and I love this design. You did really good!

negativedreamer you just won the internet with this

Hee-Hee I'm in love with all the little details!

Rosebud Wow! Very nicely done! I actually like this outfit of Tira's. (I haven't been too fond of her outfits until this one. XDD)

leahhime Fantastic!!!

Laymons wow! that's incredible! congratulations!

lilaznfreak Wonderful! Its so stunning :)

RaaBee Perfect! The skulls are so awesome!

Shirak well done!! ^___^

ashe_dalmasca yeah!!! so perfect! there is so many details. I really love it

~Lightning~ WOAAAH......!!!! I AM FAN!!!!!

MysteriousMaemi I was already wondering when someone was going to cosplay this outfit. I prefer this one! You did a PERFECT job, you look gorgeous and the details are very neat.

smirnoff lovvveee

Raffi woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Perfect Tira ever!!!! congrats^^ Tira is my fav character and wonered who's going to cosplay it :D

R1KKu This looks fantastic!

Crystalike Amazing!

angelkawaii I love all the detail!

July WP looks perfect \*o*/