Another pic of me as Mai!

14 years ago

Akusesu oo wow o.O lol

Skyline Kyo Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha XD As if Mai couldn't get any, er, bustier!

ChibiRydia Is that a Z-cup?

Flarestar lord almighty...

Lee Anne LoL...from just looking at the thumbnail I was like WTF?! This was a cool and funny idea LoL

Ambrosia Inflato-boobs! :D

AnimeAngel xD!!! I need to get some of those!

SempaiMiles ... -Miles

hellbelle Holy shit...

Natalie lol that's great! ^_^ nive job on the... costume? no really, the costume is good. &gt;.< lol. *can't stop laughing*

lialia oh ...dear *tilts head*

Dymatrex That's gotta have serious back problems that will lead to many back surguries in the future...

WildSpice wow XD. Thats what I call dedication ^_^!

Michaele-chan jeezow!! you could put someone in the hospital with those things... * scared*

Dewy O_o

Cherry AH HAHAHA. Now, if only those were brains, Mai would be set. Man. I love this. You're the best!

Chino-San OMG that's hillarious!

Silent_Hill LMAO!!!! That's hillarious!! *glomps the mai and bounces off* XD

ChicoChan can you even stand up? XD XD XD XD

Shinobi Nine... you are SUCH a f*cking gogofball! XD

YuffieBunny OMG! that is amazing! haha

StrawberryGoth Just had to add to the huge number of comments on this pic XD. This is hilarious. Funny idea

Pink_Sushi Wow. O_o lmao

ParnsAngel LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it. Absolutely love it! XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SelphieTilmitt ROTFL!! XD

Nine LOL wow, so many comments. XD A lot of people called that Mai pose the &quot;sore back&quot; pose

OkiET-maru OMFG!! MAN MAI!!!! LOL XD Oki~

kyandi-chan oooooooo i love your shoes. o.0 hehe

Dokudel A very good proportional Mai ^_^;;;;;;;

Sweet~Pea *falls over laughing* that's f***ing awesome!


ducky_feet Hey Phil! Haha, that was some awesome cleavage you had there! I couldn't even get my arms around you for that hug! LOL!


MTLX7 could hide small children in those and no one would know

RikkuX what to say about this....well its very creative! ^_^

Anime_Otaku_Mel Ha ha ha! That is the most realistic Mai I have ever seen. ^.~ *continues laughing*

PikminLink AHAHA!! ROFL!! You Rock!! you seriously made my day! XD!!!!!

Aneris Ha! That's great!

Chibi Yunie OMG Those are some BIG jugs. Didn't know she had them that big. Wow. O_O O_O

The-Real-Link LOL might as well keep the list going. I saw the thumbnail and thought &quot;no way, those can't be rea...&quot; Then I saw the pic and LMAO'd at one crazy idea. Yeah those are - - - huge o.O They look almost too heavy to carry!

lionho god damn son, that's some tig'ol bitties! you have enough there to feed the needy, be careful there :P

mysticalchali Got Milk? Sorry!!!! Couldn't help it.....too dang funny!!!

Yakuza03 wtfr? sheesh. Talk about a implant bill.

neoangelwink O_O omg, i didn't think this postble. ^_^ this really funny lol.

cactusmomma I know this is a parody...but: Oh hyell no XD

DayDreamerNessa *pokes the boobie*

Frida_chan Holy C...!!!! ROFL!

Yuffie_Suzume BAHAHAHA!!

Obsidian Death9 *Major eye twitch* O_o;;;