Shiro, Deadman Wonderland

Shiro, Deadman Wonderland

Shiro from Deadman Wonderland. I haven't check out the series yet but from what I heard it seems to be quite an intense/dark manga... Sound fun to read ^^

Taken at Anime LA 2009

Deadman Wonderland
Cosplay Photography
10 years ago

Koibito_XY oh, good lights!

ExileFayt lovely photo and cosplay :]

Choi very cute, amazing photo.

Time&SpaceAngel Oh my god, i'm sooo glad someone cosplayed this.. and you did an amazing job!!

Master of Chaos WOW, some one cosplayed this already, I am impressed. Deadman Wonderland is awesome.

neoangelwink cool ^_^

DieForHonor awesome camera shot, excellent colors and details and the model is amazing, well done

Itsuka WHoaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I love you Andy!!!! @[email protected] <3 <3

Sushi Monster Congrats on the showcase, Andy!!! See you at Sakura yes?

Hiroky wow amazing shoot!!

mirukuchabake Her outfit is amazing!!! The lighting and all is really nice! Please try the manga~ It's really good :D

Dom Santiago Wow that's a dude? I was looking at all the wrong places.

Dra.Kokoro GREAT!

Akusesu gogo anddyy!!!

Shii Arisugawa Awesome!! I'm so glad to see this showcased, and DW is definitely an interesting read! :3

Subaru-chan oh wow!! I'm happy to see Deadman Wonderland cosplay!! I've been waiting for this for a long time ^^ The photo is awesome and also the costume and posing - perfect!

Ansatsusama MORTAL *0* AMAZING

Narutya WWWWWWWWOooooooooOWWWWWWWWW .. It's so awesome:O

dvb77 Oh wow! That's absolutely great! And you should definitely read it. I absolutely love it. Gritty, dark, yet still funny and light sometimes. Awesome job!

kels wow.. i never thoguht i would have seen deadman wonderland cos.. it looks amazing!

Millenia133 Wow, soooo cool!

Beyond.Birthday Its awesome <333

Sakura Sakurata ohhh your cosplay is great X3

Evanes I've fell in love with this cosplay! Great job!

lazy_kitsune This is wonderful!! I love this manga!! And you make an adorable Shiro! :)

Luffy XII yay! go Andy and Jen! looks great xD reminds me of neo ranga

Hinahase OMG! A deadman Wonderland cosplay! I so love you for this one! <3

Deamontay Hawt.. hawt hawt.

Bagu hehe...this doesn't look like a planned shot and perhaps someone just took your picture while you were sitting there....but, a great shot nonetheless. well done on the costume :)

Combo mad awsome

chibipanda Omg that's such an amazing picture! I love that manga too, it's so creepy lol That cosplay is perfect X3

MakuroShin A very good cosplay, the pose is good too, and the photo is a masterpiece :)

yuuko-chan awesome shiro cosplay!

Mugiwara_Shojo Sick costume! Love deadman

kinchan Is it from the anime Neo Ranga?

roxasheart 7 finally! some other people who know the awesomeness of DW!!!

Mizuki Kaneko i love deadman wonderland awsome job

Kinomoto-chan when i look this photo i said wow

TommasoDS Great cosplay, I haven't started to read the manga yet but I really like the model and costume

NarutoShippuden omg nice pic so cute sexy you know lol cool i like this one nice one you nkow

NarutoShippuden i love this pic so cute you know i sorry i did not mean say mean things about you ok forgive me sorry but you so cool you know i just new person here that all sorry ok

BebopCola2021 Coolness! At first, I thought you were from Neo Ranga

george of tanki cosplay and a very tasty, as we speak here in Brazil, we have so many cosplay's

Julialorenzutti Linda *-*

jman250 OMG i lovethis. you made my day.

Zerooiri Awesome! o0o I love your costume >w<

catmegan Great manga! wonderful cosplay!!

Meliadoul Wow. wonderufl cosplay. Thats amazing. The only thing better than this would be a Chaplin Sukegawa cosplay. ahah ^.^

ameeer sooo nice

Kawaii Pocky Nice. I haven't heard of the series but I always like to look into new series. If only I wasn't so tight on money right now. I can't even go to any cons this year either cause I needs monies to move. Blah...