Imagine how much it would hurt...

Imagine how much it would hurt...

...if I hit you with this. XD

This is my cosplay of Tira's second player costume from Soul Calibur 4 -I finally finished this thing, yay! Thanks to Eurobeatking for this photo and MUCHO thank you to my buddy Lionboogy for making a super awesome ringblade for me! I'll be uploading many more photos of this soon!

Soulcalibur IV
Tira 2nd Player - Soul Calibur 4
9 years ago

dustyG awesome cosplay,Tira is one of my favs,great job!

LadyCerbero Fantastic cosplay *0* Perfec!!! i love it ^_^

Marion OMG!! PERFECT!!! *_____________*~~

~Lightning~ WOOAAH!!! That's perfect!!! You do always the most cosplays!!!

WindoftheStars Amazing Tira! I love this version!

Meronpan Fantastic O_O I love Soul Calibur, I love your costume.

RedGodHelp It`s wonderful! You are dreat Tira!

Kirae perfect !

Avianna The make-up you do to your eyes always makes you look sooo awesome! Anywho, thanks for doing my favorite Tira outfit! It looks awesome on you!

Nemo & Gemo Gorgeous outfit! The details are so wonderfully made~ XD You did a lovely job vvv *u*)b

leahhime Very nice!

Cubed_Link completely amazing job! Your cosplays always looks so great :)

B-Shira A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! *o*

Ambrosia Tiny Crab approves!

Ikari Gendo Awesome Tira! loved the little skulls and the Glove, looking badass!

neoangelwink wow ^_^

Chibik3r0 Holy shit I'm so sad I missed this costume. You look amazing!

Amara Dolce Ah. The details are absolutely perfect. Nice job.

Dust Bunny You did such a great job on the cosplay, you deserved every bit of the award you received!

Gaia_Vedai WOW!! great job! Did you dye the wig or it came this way? I really want to cosplay as her but the wig seems like such a hassle..

animetomboy omfg, that's sooooo awesome, you rock <3

Sands oh my! Im in love with you for this!