Come at me!

Come at me!

So did you guys hear that the next Legend of Zelda game is going to have samurai elements in it? Actually, it's not, but this picture always makes me think of samurai. I was debating on the title for this picture; it was either going to be "Come at me!" or "Hwaaaaaaaaaaah!", which, as we all know, is what samurai say before rushing into battle. XD

My armor was driving me insane at Ohayocon; I really need to figure out a better way of keeping it on my shoulders. Fortunately, I had Akuriko and Zoroko to fix my armor for me every two seconds (a million thanks to you guys). XD At least it allowed for decent flexibility in shots like this.

Ohayocon was so much freaking fun! I had the opportunity to take a lot of great pictures with a number of fantastic cosplayers and photographers. It was an amazing experience, and long overdue (I haven't really been to a con since...what, 2006? Jeez...).

Photo taken by EBK!
costume by me

Princess Zelda
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Princess Zelda
Princess Zelda
10 years ago

Hee-Hee You look awesome! The weathering on your armor is so fantastic!

Arroyo Oh, wow. YOU ARE FIERCE! Continue this spam.

Josh "Kiba" Not a very "Zelda" like pose.. But I love the costume. You did an excellent job, and fit the character. I just don't see Zelda as being much of a "Melee" type of character. In fact. I know she isn't. But 5/5 You did a wonderful job, otherwise!

lunaladyoflight You look awesome!! I loved the sword too. :)

Lady Tyrona Whatever you call it, it will always kick ass....or sword.......ah well you get it! It's all short for awesome!

The-Real-Link You look fantastic even if it's not a normal Zelda pose! :) Why does Zelda always have to be innocent? Instead, have her plunge her sword into someone...that'll fix it. Great shot!

Hiyoko-chan Secretly this is Zelda's hidden talent XD who says the Hero of Time is Link? pffft, that's why its called teh Legend of ZELDA cuz she kicks ass XD I just love everything bout your cosplay!! so much work and love in it! 8D

akuriko PSH! I don't care what anyone says, TP Zelda was a hard ass. O: She certainly isn't a dainty little princess. In fact, that's what sets all of Zelda's incarnations apart from other princess characters. She's both wise and brave. :P If it didn't mean the end of her kingdom, she probably would've taken on Zant and his Twilight monkeys herself. XD And yes, this was kind of aimed at Mr. Josh's comment above. :P Sorry, but Zelda's no bubbly figure-head princess. She gets shit done. gb2fanfictionkthx. Love this pic! And I was happy to help you keep your armor in place for you. ^ ^ The Samurai comment made me lawl. XD

Kazukii I can see this pose fitting for the Puppet Zelda. XD Or if there's a unconscious Link in the background. Haha.

SvK "Hwah" is good because it's one of the few words that Link knows, so he'd be able to understand you.

HimeZelda Zelda will kick anyones arse better believe it! XD Go girl! Go stab someone with that sword of yers! LMAO

PikminLink awesome!

Crystalike You are my hero!

thepurelily This is amazing! A question- is the white design on the pruple over-part words? Bad vision, can't tell. ^_^U Beautifully made, even more epic pose!

Allison Wow, this is an awesome cosplay, I love the pose and picture and everything. Great job! ^-^

ArchNemesis Who says Zelda always needs to be rescued? She looks like she can defend herself and then some... :P

Thearah May I ask what the sowrd is made of? *_*

Sheik Chan This is an amazing shot. I love the detailed sword, and of course your dress~!

Rhazia So good. Sooooo good. *_*