ODANGO Tutorial - Step 1

ODANGO Tutorial - Step 1

Get yourself a pair of styrofoam balls (hollow or solid), or whatever shape the style requires - referred to as 'foamcore' or 'odango' from here on.

Carve a hole into the bottom of the foamcore. It must be wide and deep enough to accomodate both the sealed ends of the extensions that you'll be wrapping around the foamcore, AND the ponytail stub on your wig, because you will stick the finished (wrapped) odango onto that stub. (When in doubt, always make the hole a little larger than you think.)

~Work In Progress~
11 years ago

Bryt Quick question, is there a way to do this with foam but on the human hair? I just didn't know what I would use. Any ideas?

Kukkii-san I don't think so. Backcombing (to turn your pigtails into fuzzy balls) would probably be more effective on human hair. You could probably make odango with foamcore and extensions and attach them to your own hair, however.

SilverInsanity What about a character that defied all laws of the known universe and had an odango but hair wasn't pulled up into it. How could you attach it to the wig then?

Kukkii-san Make a mini stub to anchor the odango to, and sew in more wefts around the stub so you don't see the hair being pulled up. Small, lightweight pieces can also be sewn directly to the undermesh without warping the wig, bit heavy pieces need some sort of stub or superstructure to better distribute the weight.

Kukkii-san You can just sew through the odango itself (it's just foam and wig fiber). It would probably work for that small an odango, although if it were me, I'd make a mini stub anyway. I did it for this Shampoo wig, for example: http://www.cosplay.com/photo/2921898/