Ocarina of time costume version 4.0

Ocarina of time costume version 4.0

New costume yay!

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Goron Tunic Link
Goron Tunic Link
9 years ago

Crystalike Great Link. You work so hard on your costumes and the quality is amazing!

Rikku-chan so sweet!! LOVED the new tunic!! =D

Jaquii holy crap, looks AWESOME! :D

Forcebewitya Thanks guys.

Sheik Chan Dude, it's like you went into the game ...jocked Link's clothes and put them on. :O The boots look SO GOOD. @[email protected] You're awesome...~!!!! The red one was always my favorite ^~^

HimeZelda Awesome! I always love your stuff!

rayna wow, this looks great!

The-Real-Link Lookin awesome man! Thanks for all the comments too!

Soratarataa WOOW! You look so good >_<! Nice work :D!

Jia Jem I would totally wear those boots every day.

Arroyo Your wig is perfect. The weathering marks on the tunic was a great idea too-gives it a gritty, realistic feel.

aBrokenBullet I just wanted to say that this photo is in my awesomeness folder =D