Welcome back.

Welcome back.

This shot just seems as though it's coming from someone's perspective after just waking up, or maybe Link's after coming back to life after getting clobbered by a difficult boss. Not that those really exist in contemporary Zelda games, except Phantom Hourglass. Leonard said that he had a vision for this shot, and I really didn't know where he was going, but now it all makes sense, and I love how it turned out (run on sentence much?). This is one of my favorite shots from Ohayocon; the inside of my nose has never looked better. XD

Costume by me
Photo by the incredible J.Linto

Princess Zelda
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Princess Zelda
Princess Zelda
10 years ago

The-Real-Link You nailed the description right on. For some reason a cutscene from FFVIII or some other non-Zelda RPG comes to mind. Regardless though, this is still a very noble shot. It seems to echo old rotundas and monuments with how the light shines.

Thiefette Such an amazing Zelda costume!

Omichi you look amazing as princess Zelda!

Zoroko This is an awesome shot, and so different as well!

Arroyo You have such soft, doll-like features. So regal and sweet!

Hiyoko-chan that's an amazing shot!! it actually reminds me of that dream like sequence Link has momentarily in the game, like this shot could have completely been a part of it! XD

Elemental You are a beautiful Zelda, and this is a truly awesome shot!

Nandra That really does look like it could be part of cutscreen! I love this picture to death. ^^

Rikku-chan this is a GORGEOUS shot of a GORGEOUS costume!! I'm SOOO happy I got to see this costume in person! meeting you was fantastic!! hope to see you soon!!!

Lady Tyrona like you and the picture came straight out of the game! Gorgeous!

HimeZelda I wish Link would wake up and see this. Then they kiss! ^_^ (Sorry I am a Zelink fan girl xD)

Forcebewitya Yeah this is a great shot indeed!

dustyG awesome shot,greatness.

shadowsage <333

Crystalike beautiful!!!

rogue_artist I *really* like this shot!

bornahorse This is crazy, like, you just popped out of the game or something. You make an awesome Zelda! Teehee Zelink!

amaterasumikami EPIC *O* Eres una de mis FAV Zelda *W*

manolo-kun waaaaa epic

Earthychan Such an amazing shot!! Just one question, How did you do the colours on the aprin? I have looked at your pics, and it seems to go from purple to light purple, and then white? How did you do that???

Earthychan That you so much! Umm.. did you use other fabrics for the detail? I saw most of it was beading. I wont be able to do that. >.< And you just dipped the fabric a little bit at a time to get that faded effect? Sorry for all the questions!