Last one...

Last one...

Ok, and now I'll stop spamming the galleries with pics of this thing. This shot shows the "dirt" pretty well. Graphics were designed in Photoshop, and applied using water-slide decal paper.

Materials included florist's foam, wonderflex, bondo, PVC pipe, ABS plastic, LED lighting, an acrylic plunger handle, roll-feed paper spindle, an old drawer pull, rubber hose, coaxial cable connectors, and gallons of frustration.

If you wish to contact me about commissioning a prop, email me here: [email protected]

10 years ago

Koto Heartilly Ohmigoodness. o_o That is of epic proportions. I kind of wish I had prop skills like that. Great job! GlaDoS would be pleased. (Though you may not receive cake OR grief counseling. D: )

Leonhart42 Incredible.

lauramichelle Sooooo cool

monster damn, i bet you could make actual real portals with that thing. it looks amazing.

Spartan_II7 o dear god i have to make one of those now and i will

VaioStreams that is a triumph!

HezaChan Gorgeous! Beautifully constructed, and flawless details!

Alfhild THAT GUN IS EPIC. Especially the white sections, getting curved surfaces completely even is tough. Insane job, man

cruizerzwei Dude, you are going to be world famous for this! Every video game/tech news site I have been to has an article about this! KUDOS!

gabman6 OMG.... this will give me goosebumps for the next 50 years

zorathan wowmg. awesome

lordferkyportal please i will buy one i need it!!! how much for one portal gun ?? i´ll pay!!!!

Gina "Chibi" Im trying make one of these too, and i like the size of yours. What is the dimensions you used??