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Last one, I swear XD

Fai D Fluorite
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
11 years ago

Nygenx That is an awe inspiring cloak. It must have taken quite some time, effort, and skill to complete. I love your fai!

VKJJ so well done *-* must have taken quite some time to make ^^ and the result is really great n_n*

aka_neko-chan Wonderful Fye! Love the photo^^

shmac That cloak is gorgeous. Amazing job.

lehst this photo is just so ethereal and beautiful I could lose myself in it for hours. From the dazzling coat to the naturalness of the hair this is an amazing cosplay, really.

icegir228 Faiii!! xD (I <3 fai!!) Must've taken a long time to make it, but it turned out really good :] The picture makes you look like your glowing xD (cool pic by the way :] )

so lyke raaawr So stunning!

stella265 We were fangirling over your cosplay in our cosplay club tonight. absolutely BEAUTIFUL work! Very inspirational!

VKlover I thought this was a photo from the ! AMAZING WORK!!!! The artist who made this and the others (Clamp) Would be PROUD! *A* And Vic would be too~ <3 lol