The Fires of Love

The Fires of Love
@Garnet Runestar know you're a cosplayer when your husband takes pictures of you like thins. Lol.

This is my not yet complete Elincia. I wore it to Anime Banzai to show DeejKakashi my Progress on the dress. I looks pretty much done, but it's missing details. I plan to re-wear it to Pheonix Comicon.
The dress is made of Suede, rayon, hammered satin, and reversed stretch satin. Possibly the weirdest combination ever, but it was the only things I could find the right colors in. Crazynees.
I styled the wig and made the dress from scratch (Even the Corset under it all was hand made). I'm pleased with how it has turned out thus far!

Elincia: me (Garnet Runestar)
Ike: DeejKakashi (Deviant art name)

Princess Elincia
Fire Emblem
Princess Elincia
Fire Emblem: Elincia
9 years ago
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