Watch her as she dances...

Watch her as she dances...

Gah, winter break is over in just a few days!! I meant to post this photo weeks ago, but I've been so busy with school and the holidays that it kept getting pushed back on my priority list. ;_; This is one of my favorite shots from the photoshoot from the Morton Arboretum. I can't tell you how many takes it took to get this pose to look decent! I seriously thought that I was going to fall over at times from being so dizzy. In the end, there were about four or five (out of about, oh, 175) pictures that really seemed magical, but this one is still my favorite of the set.

This picture was originally an attempt to recreate Zelda's Super Smash Brothers Brawl trophy pose:

This shot didn't exactly capture that pose, but I still love the way it turned out!

Photo by Tanya Z.
costume by me

Princess Zelda
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Princess Zelda
Princess Zelda
10 years ago

Rikku-chan this is sooo beautiful!! I love how pretty your dress flows out like that!!

akuriko This shot is so beautiful. O: I absolutely love how wide your gown is. And you have such a pretty smile~ ^w^

Miyabi- Oh wow..everything about this picture just looks so...magical. XD!

VKJJ lovely shot *-* I adore your beautifull dress, and you're looking so nice in it ^^ ow'h yes and I really like the detail that you move so the dress wides out so we can see all of the beauti n_n*

Geister Amazingly beautiful!!!

princess mekare Beautiful picture and the dress is sooo amazing. I love the armor.

Albel-Nox Wow, you really have her look! Such a stunning costume and picture!

Lucifer Beautiful costume and photo. You do Princess Zelda justice.

Hime Beautiful!!!

EndlessNights Oh my, you´re so beautiful ♥

yunna.sama wow amazing shoot..u look so cute >.<

Lady Tyrona GAH! How gorgeous is this picture!!! Amazing Jaquii!

Katie-chan Stunning and worth getting a little dizy for such a great shot.

carladawn Wow, this is really pretty!

Milky Nice! :)

DayDreamerNessa wow! stunning dress, and photo!

The-Real-Link I don't think you could possibly have a more epic pose lol. Very sweet pose for being in a dress!

Amara Dolce I absolutely adore this photo. Everything looks gorgeous.

HimeZelda I swear you came out of the game. xD

Arroyo You look like a porcelain doll.

Onyx Hands down the best Zelda I have ever seen. You put so much love and care into the details of this costume its just, amazing.

Forcebewitya This is great! nice work!

RaaBee My goodness! An absolutely perfect photo! You make a perfect Zelda

Rissid This is so awesome! So pretty! And a testament to the construction, that it swings so wonderfully.

Nandra Pshh... show off. xP This is absolutely gorgeous. I love the pose, too - so perfect! Man, if mine turns out even a tenth as good as yours, I'll be thrilled. xD

FrozenNight I love your Zelda and this shot is amazing! *_*

MysteriousMaemi cute pic

kowaipanda Awesome photo! beautiful costume~ and your twirling really paid off~

xKasumix Woah this is so pretty and one of the most perfect Zelda costumes I've ever seen! You look so gorgeous as her! *O*

PrinzessinZelda I love your cosplay n_n It's one of the best Zelda Cosplay!!! I want it XD Could you do one for me??? n_n

Angathol Aww, what a pretty photo! I love the way your dress flows. :3

Hiyoko-chan you'll never cease to amaze me Jaquii XD XD i just love the fullness of your dress!! you are absolutely gorgeous and hands down the best Princess Zelda evah! XD

Zoroko Epic as hell~! ;O; Great pose, cosplay, and setting all rolled into one~

LinkInSpirit Sooo pretty!

BalthierFlare So beautiful! It's just amazing...

suzuki wonderful :3

shadowsage OMG this is incredible. O.O

Can not sew That's it. I'm printing out this picture. Taping it to my ceiling so I am forced to look at it before I go to sleep, and when I wake up. I'll tape another copy by my computer. Another at the dining room table, and one in my locker. One at the sewing machine, and one in my bag for safe-keeping. AND EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY, I WILL TELL MYSELF THAT MY OWN ZELDA WILL NEVER MATCH THIS ONE I LOVE SO MUCH UNLESS I TRY. -sniff- Incase you can't tell, I'm having a hard time starting my own Zelda.

HaruVamp this is so wonderful ^^

LadyRayngerYuna Very lovely! It was great seeing you and taking pictures with you at Ohayocon!

AVAAntares Beautiful photo! I loved seeing this costume in person at Ohayocon; it totally blew me away (and made me really, really glad that we weren't competing in the same division). ^_^

LadyofRohan This is absolutely breathtaking. You are so beautiful!

shadowlink O.o I really enjoy this shot. Such a beautiful costume you made. I cant wait to see more pictures. ^_^


Rad_Apple i am in LOVE with the motion captured in this pic. it is timeless. you look so beautiful! your zelda is so intricately detailed. seriously a thing of beauty! ^___^

Novalorien Amazing! It's a beautiful shot and your cosplay is very nice, you made a great Zelda! o.o One of the best!

neoangelwink that is amazing ^_^

Gaia_Vedai Wonderful shot!

bornahorse I like this pose alot! It seems more natural than the SSBB one, like a more realistic definition of the pose. The Brawl one looks a bit stiff, but this is more graceful and defines Princess Zelda very well. Epicness FTW! Awesome job!

amaterasumikami woooow que preciosa Zelda *__* Me encantan los detalles, el peinado, todo esta perfecto *-* La expresion y la pose es maravillosa, mil felicitaciones =^_^=