High ponytails and updo's are one of the most essential, yet tricky wig-styling techniques. You really need to wrap your mind around how wigs work, as opposed to real hair, and you'll need a lot of patience and precision if you want a ponytail wig that is neat and clean looking, fits your head well, and will last throughout more than one convention.

I compiled a tutorial with photos from different projects I completed over the last year or so, and some that I made specifically for this tutorial. So the wig colors, styles, and photo quality will vary throughout the tut, but they all illustrate the same basic styling technique.

The tutorial will conclude with a few examples of how to evolve the basic ponytail shape into completely different styles. (In progress.)

While this tutorial is for wigs with a SINGLE ponytail (or hairbun) and does NOT show how to make a back part for two or more pigtails, the technique for pulling up the hair into the ponytail(s) is the same. Only where and how you add the extra hair to fill up the bald spots in the wig will differ.

(Click on the thumbnail to the left to start the tutorial.)

~Work In Progress~
11 years ago

katrinkleeblatt I really appriciate that you share your knowledge with others, unlike some other well-known german cosplayers =)

MelonPlay thanks a lot for this tutorial ^.^ you saved a lot of costumes and wigs xD

Hee-Hee That Belldandy wig is SOOO beautiful, I love it!

AngieRikku Thank you so much for taking time to make this! =3 It's really helpful. Also, your wigs are sooooo beautiful. <3

TheElevatorGirl Would this tutorial work with a side ponytail too? (Like Akita Neru: http://media.photobucket.com/image/akita%20neru/Akia_Nekoi/35066-187199.jpg?o=21 )

Kukkii-san Sure, there's technically no difference between a ponytail that's centered in the back and one that's more to the side of the head^^ Just make sure the wig is long enough so all of the fiber can pulled up to that spot so you can stub it.

TheElevatorGirl Okay, thanks!

Atrista I'm sure you get this all the time, but thank you so much for all the effort and time you put into this tutorial! I have to do two different wigs soon that your tutorial will be very helpful for.

Hikari4116 you are a LIFE SAVER!! i really needed this tutorial for my Judith cosplay ^^. thanks for sharing the knowledge

Dukesa How does one keep a wig with high, long, and thick ponytail (like Belldandy's)? T~T I followed this tutorial but I think I did something wrong along the way. D:

NekoNivi This is soooooo great for my Nabooru AND fran! You rock!

glitter bomb I just wanted to thank you for this and your other wig tutorials! Very helpful, very clear, very rocking. :) I know it's very time consuming to photograph and write out a tut, so I appreciate you taking time out to share your knowledge. :)

lilyroselove Do you still have the the tutorial for the ponytails? I cant seem to access it. I hope you do cause i could really use it right about now lol

Kukkii-san This IS the tutorial?! ^.^ Just click on the thumbnails to be taken to the next photo / tutorial step. (Or, for an overview, access my cosplay.com gallery: http://www.cosplay.com/gallery/58829/)

devilgirl32 how would you make the stubs for this character http://www.zerochan.net/862362 (the white one) cuz i'm trying to make a similar wig but i don't know how to make the stubs since her hair is in a sort of bob

Kukkii-san I'd say just section off more fiber for the bangs / forelocks, add a back part, and put the base wig in pigtails: http://www.cosplay.com/photo/3088009/

Kukkii-san However, if you want ALL of the hair to be down in the back (i.e., an actual bob), no stubbing is needed, you can just use a short wig + clip-on extension set.

Kukkii-san Or you can make two mini stubs that are just big enough to anchor the foamcore to, instead of stubbing the whole wig: http://www.cosplay.com/photo/2967241/

KanraKami For my w ig, I'm going to be using the stubbing technique, but my character doesn't have a ponytail, rather a bun. (Saber from Fate Stay Night and the other series). So should I still go the route of a short wig and extensions, or should I just get one long wig and cut the length to use for my wefts and braid and bun (which will be glued over a convex Styrofoam base)? Ref: http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2011/226/c/0/pl2_mmd_bun_by_tweekcrystal-d46j1qt.png

lydia3290 hi, I used your method is not quite the same but the risukltato was spectacular *W* look https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=245416488993030&set=a.190336384501041&type=3&theater

silentlamb Where am I supposed to click to get to the tutorial? I don't see a thumbnail.