y, Hello Thur

y, Hello Thur

Pics taken by my bf. I'm trying to get him to learn different ways to take photos in my costumes so he can direct me more, but thats not happening. I just have to direct him on what i want. He wants to be Kamina *starryeyed!*

Also, i'm in desperate need of a rifle. That would mean NEW POSES

Yoko Ritona [pre-time skip]
Gurren Lagann
Yoko Ritona
Yoko Ritona
10 years ago

HezaChan So cute~! I love your boots.

!*Jessi-Chan*! thanks heza :)

ilikeike Haha, that's a cute expression you got on! I too, love the boots!

Kazephyr I'll agree with the previous two comments, those are some awesome boots! ^_^ I really love the gloves, too! ^_^

bluestbunnie Great job! I'm so glad you cosplayed her!

Vensy Gahh I love your boots. @[email protected]