Turnabout Sisters.

Turnabout Sisters.


Tenshinoitami as Mia Fey and myself as Maya Fey. Photo taken by Ollie [Oroborous.net] at Nekocon 2008. This convention was a surprise for me: I hadn't planned to attend it, and when I did make the decision to go, I spent several days trying to put together the most accurate Maya Fey costume in my ability. There are some defects, unfortunately: I need to remake the purple overcoat [it looks pouchy around the arms and I cannot figure out how it ended up that way ^__^;] and the necklace got squashed on the return trip and thus needs to be remade from sturdier materials, but on the whole I'm pretty pleased with how she turned out! The wig was an absolute beast and I did the best I could, given the impossibilities that extra-long wigs present. I'm proud of my top-knot! I was also very, very anal about the detailing on the obi and bow [they're folded a VERY specific way in every piece of artwork available], and went crazy with the interfacing so that my bow-bow would remain floofy and obnoxious. All garments are fully lined and constructed by myself.

Construction notes aside, isn't Tenshinoitami1 a gorgeous Mia? < 3 And Ollie was able to capture this gut-wrenching murder scene absolutely perfectly. Amazingly enough, that's real caution tape in the background! The convention center was under construction at the time of the con.

Please no critiques/criticism. I'd like to keep this gallery happy! :3

Mia & Maya Fey
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Maya Fey
11 years ago

A19Riku OMG you 2 are so perfect! :) seriously how did I miss seeing this at Nekocon O.o

Ranma 1-2 No crits ..cos I love it. ^^) and, Wow! Tenshinoitami1's legs go on, like, Forever. ^^D It's a great pic. did you fix a seperate piece onto the main wig for the top-knot or did you gather the wig up to make it? (..needs to make something similar for a planned Sailor Pluto...)

Geister Awesome photo!

Neizfer o O o WOW your two are sooo AWESOME!

matsuri Great pic!!

LadyTerentia You both look amaaaazing!!!!!!!

sievkatronshea So sad I missed this at Neko. T____T

Hee-Hee I HATED THIS PART! D= But that case is sooo good, I'm probably cosplaying Redd in the future. You guys look so spot on!!

Hopie Oh, epic picture, epic picture!!!

aznwolverine this rocks!